Kitchen Remodel

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the heart of your home

Your kitchen is where meals and memories are made

The kitchen is the most important room in every house. It’s the design anchor that sets the tone of your home, not only for your guests but also for yourself and your family. From Sunday morning breakfast to Thanksgiving dinner, from coffee brewing in the pot to pizza from the fridge, and from temporary workspace to homework with the kids, Beard Contracting brings your vision to life. We create a space that suits your needs and sets the right mood for any occasion.

Complete Kitchen Remodel

If your kitchen is dated, worn or just doesn’t match the style and flow of the rest of your home our team of professional craftsman at Beard Contracting will give you with the total kitchen makeover you’ve always dreamed of. From floor to ceiling, fixtures to appliances and cabinets to countertops we’ll build you a custom kitchen that inspires awe and envy or comfort and coziness. 

Flooring Installation

If your kitchen is almost perfect, but the flooring just isn’t quite right, Beard Contracting has flooring experts who will repair, replace, or install brand new flooring that is sure to sweep you off your feet. Whether you prefer the elegance of tile, the warmth of wood, or the versatility and durability of laminate and vinyl, we have the expertise to deliver the perfect finish for your kitchen.

Custom Cabinets

If you’re ready to transform your kitchen from clunky, cluttered, and cramped and add more charm, Beard Contracting’s master carpenters and finishers will craft custom cabinets that perfectly suit your space. Whether you need a complete cabinet overhaul or want to revive the ones you have, we bring your vision to life, keeping your counters clear and your kitchen captivating.

Center Island

If you want to make a statement or make your kitchen more useful, Beard Contracting’s expert team of dedicated craftsmen will construct the island that completes your kitchen. Whether you need to create a focal point for your new kitchen or one that blends seamlessly with your current setup, we’ll build a custom centerpiece that brings your kitchen together and invites you in every day.

Counter Tops

If you’re craving a kitchen transformation that showcases your style, Beard Contracting’s talented team will design and install stunning countertops that become the cherry on top of your perfect kitchen. From butcher block to granite top, we’ll craft custom surfaces that enhance the beauty and functionality of your space, making your kitchen a true taste of your personality.

Custom Backsplash

If your kitchen lacks the perfect finishing touch, Beard Contracting’s experienced professionals blend creativity and craftsmanship to craft a backsplash that not only protects your walls but also captures your unique style. From intricate patterns to sleek and seamless finishes, our attention to detail ensures a flawless result that is sure to catch the eye and bring a smile to your face.

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